Track your strategic objectives better

Track your strategic objectives better

Kippy aligns effort directly to strategy

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Kippy brings together

each team's KPIs, projects 

and employee appraisals,

to the same objectives,

joining approach and outcomes,

to a single strategy,

throughout your organisation!

Strategy, KPI, Project, Appraisal

Simple set up - On Cloud - Pay as you use


​Kippy takes a holistic approach to integrity - with approval workflows, automated change freezes and user privileges - you control exactly what each user can see and change! 

Easy to use

Kippy simplifies decision-making. Start a Chat for every KPI update - or join Slack's ecosystem of Cloud collaboration tools. With the world's first voice-controlled Performance Management Virtual Assistant!


Kippy uses industry-leading encryption, monitoring & auditing at all levels. By the way, we will not share your data with anyone ... ever!

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$99 / year

Save 90% for 12 months

All features
Guided Setup
Unlimited users, KPIs and Projects
Live Chat and Email support 
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