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GRI Tires

How GRI is building a high-performing team and establishing efficient performance management with kippy.


GRI Tires


GRI Tires is a leading tire manufacturing company with a global presence. Specializing in the production of high-quality industrial, agricultural, and off-road tires, they cater to diverse sectors such as construction, mining, agriculture, and material handling. With cutting-edge technology and a commitment to innovation, they deliver reliable and durable tires that enhance productivity and performance. GRI strives to exceed customer expectations by providing world-class tire solutions that meet the evolving needs of industries worldwide.

Sri Lanka, USA

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HR Appraisals

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GRI Performance Management with kippy

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GRI PMS Flowchart using kippy


GRI kippy workshop April 2023

"As the system owner for the Global group, I have successfully implemented KIPPY/PMS (Employee Performance Management System) and KIPPY/OKR (Objective and Key Results) across five different locations, covering a total of 1,200 employees. The corporate objective alignment with divisional objectives and KRI is perfect, and all data analysis with XMR charts and trendlines can be done easily."


Udayapriya Imbulpitiyalage
Head Of Human Resources & Administration - Group 

GRI Tires relies on Kippy as its employee and corporate performance management system for top-to-bottom strategic alignment


Farmers, construction companies, and users of heavy-duty vehicles need durable tires that operate under diverse conditions and terrain. GRI Tires produces high-grade specialty tires with pure natural rubber to meet this demand. The company has operations in nine countries and more than 1,400 employees. 


At the core of its strategic vision is sustainability and delivering quality, high-performance specialty tires. As a company with multiple locations, departments, and employees, it can be difficult to cascade company objectives from top to bottom and ensuring every employee is aware of their role in meeting these objectives. 

In 2022, GRI Tires chose the Kippy for its Team and the Employee Performance Management System (PMS) for top-to-bottom strategic alignment. 

“KIPPY/PMS has been instrumental in efficiently and successfully managing company objectives, key performance indicators, and projects,” says Udayapriya Imbulpitiyalage, a senior human resource manager at GRI Tires. 

Over the last few years, the company has experienced tremendous growth and expansion, making it even more expedient to have a platform that provides a way to assess and measure the nexus between employee performance and company objectives. 

Tracking Employee Performance - SMART KPIs with KIPPY/PMS

GRI Tires needed a platform to provide a birds-eye view of departmental and employee performance, especially relating to the company's strategic goals. 

From Udayapriya's point of view, this makes appraisals transparent and enables line managers and supervisors to provide targeted and personalized feedback to employees. 

Kippy allows GRI Tires to set local objectives for departments, followed by managers entering specific objectives and SMART KPIs for each team member and, as necessary, tasks alongside these KPIs. 

KPIs not tied to any strategic objective are just vanity metrics. We don't want to cripple employees with tasks and KPIs that don't move the needle in terms of productive output, says Udayapriya. 

They've also found Kippy useful for appraisals and employee self-appraisals. Employees can provide updates on each assigned KPI, which managers can review and approve with or without a note. It helps us gain perspective on how employees view their contribution. 

Appraisals allow GRI Tires to reevaluate, clarify, and reaffirm expectations, responsibilities, and goals for all employees and departments cyclically.

Beyond Key Performance Indicators with KIPPY/OKR 

When there’s no unison in strategic direction, it’s easy for departments and teams to work in silos or for overlap in goals to arise. Such situations waste time, resources, and productivity. 

Part of Udayapriya’s responsibilities is ensuring every department of the company understands its local objectives as part of the company’s global objectives. The company relies on Kippy to do this. 

With Kippy’s help, every department head knows their team’s local objectives and the KPIs tied to the same. Udayapriya sees this as an integral part of developing a culture of accountability. 

When there’s a new project or new objectives, managers can quickly create local goals and cascade the same to their team members. Managers can then assign different project KPIs and milestones to multiple employees. Furthermore, managers can assign tasks to each KPI to further provide clarity for employees. 

Kippy also ensures managers and employees take ownership of their roles in meeting their personal and departmental goals. Employees can propose individual objectives and KPIs, which their managers can review and approve. 

“Overall, I highly recommend the KIPPY/PMS and KIPPY/OKR system to any company looking for an efficient and effective way to manage their employee performance and company objectives,” notes Udayapriya. 

Tracking business performance with intuitive data analysis and comprehensive reports

Getting insights into any aspect of the business with just a few clicks makes tracking processes and people less time-consuming. “All data analysis with XMR charts and trendlines can be done easily,” Udayapriya says. 

At GRI Tires, Live dashboards enable the executive team to track performance across many layers, from the overall corporate performance to each employee and more. 

These insights are also available for the executive team as print-friendly reports. They can easily download reports for all departments, each objective or project, teams, KPIs or milestones, and more. 

The annual reports are critical for GRI. They help the team take stock of the year, appreciate the positives, and plug inefficient gaps. 

The leadership team at GRI can also capture risk and mitigations at Team, Project, and Task levels, which helps the company snuff out potential threats to strategic objectives. 

“I have found KIPPY/PMS and KIPPY/OKR to be the best systems for our needs. These systems have made our lives easier and helped the company go up to the next level.”

What's next?​​

Embedding kippy more into GRIs ways of working and enterprise technology systems.

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