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Track team, project and individual performance - against your strategic objectives

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Manage performance, projects and staff against your strategy

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APIs and adapters to automatically pull key metrics from anywhere

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Full multi-language support, including right-to-left for Arabic

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Appraise staff on competencies, OKRs, KPIs and initiatives

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Automated alerts for everything

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Task management with built in chat and wiki 

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Locking, auditing and governance by default

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Set targets and approve submissions by role

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Automated score calculation of corporate performance on live interactive dashboards

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Web APIs input/output data exactly how you need


Highly-optimised microapps to simplify user journeys 

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Administer everything yourself with simple configuration

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Track at multiple frequencies, all at the same time

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Track projects against the strategic milestones that matter

Start in minutes. Roll-out in days.

One-stop view of your entire organisation.


Easily add teams to the hierarchy

and view status per month and year.

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  1. Define your strategy

  2. Upload existing objectives, KPIs and initiatives

  3. Invite users to propose draft local KPIs and initiatives for approval

  4. Agree and define targets by different frequencies

  5. Track actuals and assign improvements

  6. Track tasks and escalate through configurable workflows

  7. Appraise staff based on common competencies 

  8. Track corporate performance holistically.

  9. Integrate your systems with your own or our existing adapters.

  10. Security and governance by default.