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kippy is used all over the world - in all different sectors - in companies of all sizes - in all different languages! 

With zero-code deep integrations into many internal Project Management, HR, communication, task management and document management systems - kippy seamlessly becomes part of your suit of enterprise tools and cloud collaboration ecosystem.

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“Aligning a government entity to KSA national 2030 vision is a challenging task. The entity has more than 25 locations in the country with different strategy maturity levels, internal strategy frameworks, and strategy IT systems (including Excel sheets). We are happy that we adopted which helped us to unify strategy and project tracking through out the country using our browsers. As a strategy professional, I have instant visibility on all KPIs data coming from all locations. This is a great advantage and internal benchmark is now possible.”



'High governance is a must in any bank. For example, who can see what information should be based on their managerial level and ownership of a specific objective, project or KPI. We found Kippy addressing this important need. Our data encryption and information security protection issue was solved with the ability to create the bank organization structure inside the system in addition to assigning users roles in each team as needed. "



“We operate in a dynamic manufacturing technological sector were we are forced to adjust our strategy on continuous basis. Kippy is great in this regards due to its simplicity and ease of use. Milestones and KPIs weights are set once regardless of adding any new KPI or milestone. Most users used the system naturally without the need for long training. IT team involvement was minimal which made Kippy cloud implementation fast and effective. Task management and collaboration tools helped all users to be engaged in strategy execution with clear understanding of current status and required actions”

Used by hundreds of organisations across the world!


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