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Microapps to simplify your journeys

Most applications try to do everything for everyone and that can lead to a very bloated and intimidating user interface and experience. 

Kippy takes a unique approach to this problem by providing a range or 'microapps' that are highly tailored to each user journey. 

So your users still have the main kippy interface, but for example, when:

- a KPI owner just wants to checkin and submit an actual, 

- a user wants to acknowledge a job well done,

- a HR managers just wants to see an employees relative performance,

- or a Manager just wants to approve an update 

... they can go to a dedicated app, with one tap, to do that and only that. 


Each app is highly tailored to that function, for that user, with that role. 

The checkin app lets a KPI Owner see just the KPIs due and to quickly submit actuals. 

The acknowledge app lets users leave positive and constructive feedback for other users.

The manager app lets a Manager review and approve due and submitted actuals.

The hr app app lets HR view live performance of every member of staff. 


And they all come together to provide a simple workflow to continuously improve your corporate performance.

So how do you get to these apps? In your devices browser, just go to

They are all available and ready to use as part of your subscription.


Plus. they are all mobile responsive and easy to bookmark and add to your smart phone home screen, always accessible with one tap!

We are always adding more microapps, so get in touch to suggest any other user journeys. And you can also easily create your own microapps using our web APIs. 


I hope this helps - any questions - please contact us via the Live Chat or at





CEO and Founder

kippy - performance management ... made simple

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