Kippy aligns KPIs, projects and appraisals,

to company-wide objectives, to help you

and your teams, work more effectively 


kippy intro (2 minutes)

quick setup guide (16 minutes)

Kippy product overview (21 minutes)

Super-charge your strategy execution
(3 min)



Strategy-centric task management

(1 min)


Super-charge your strategy execution

(1 min)


Wasting time tracking strategic objectives in spreadsheets?

(1 mins)


Looking for a modern approach to track your strategic objectives better

(2 mins)


Align your KPIs, projects, appraisals and strategy - kippy features (2 mins)

Focusing individual performance on corporate objectives (3 mins)
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Focus your appraisals on corporate objectives (2 mins)
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Manage your team performance remotely (2 mins)


Struggling to implement your strategy (2 mins)

Explainer video (6 mins)


Feature summary (1 min)

quick intro (30 seconds)

kippy advert (90 seconds)

kippy advert (60 seconds)

kippy advert (30 seconds)

Kippy product overview (31 minutes)

Kippy - Functions and Formulas Demo (5 minutes)

Kippy - Integration ERP (Wrike) Demo (6 minutes)