Kippy aligns KPIs, projects and appraisals,

to company-wide objectives, to help you

and your teams, work more effectively 




Step-by-step overview of main kippy features

(20 mins)


Wasting time tracking strategic objectives in spreadsheets?

(1 mins)


Looking for a modern approach to track your strategic objectives better

(2 mins)


Align your KPIs, projects, appraisals and strategy - kippy features (2 mins)


Focusing individual performance on corporate objectives (3 mins)

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Focus your appraisals on corporate objectives (2 mins)

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Manage your team performance remotely (2 mins)


Struggling to implement your strategy (2 mins)

Quick intro (1 min)


Explainer video (6 mins)

Feature summary (1 min)

kippy advert (90 seconds)

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Full training video (17 minutes)

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