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Download for a quick and easy way for staff to submit due KPI actuals and managers to review them.

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User guides

System owner guide

Let us get you set up

Need help getting set up? Whether you have your strategy and KPIs ready or not - let us do it for you.

Get a demo

Want to see kippy in action? Check out the product demo and try the interactive demo for yourself.

Quick start guide

Want to it set up yourself? Check out the setup video and go live to your organisation within minutes.

Import in bulk

Want to import your existing Strategy, KPIs and Projects in one click?

Accelerated Setup

The fixed-price kippy Enterprise Accelerator package can get you live in 20 days.

Features and benefits

Need help presenting all of kippy's features and benefits to your organisation?

Manager and user guides

Manager overview

Checkout the video of an end-to-end journey of a manager using kippy, from initial invite to appraisals and awards.

As a User

As a kippy user, you can propose OKRs, submit actuals and feedback on appraisals.

General info

User manual

Need a more detailed guide on how to perform every function in kippy?

Role based access

Want to understand more about which role to give each user?

Multi-language help

Looking for help in your own language? We have extensive guides in different languages, including Arabic.


Find a list of the most frequently asked questions when setting up.


Want to learn more about how kippy secures your data?

kippy blog

Want to learn see the latest articles on best strategy practices and latest kippy features?

Need help? Get in touch 

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