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Frequently asked Pricing questions

What are organisations, teams and users?

A user is a person who logs in with their unique email address (for Slack - see below). The organisation is taken from the owner's email domain e.g. registering with will create an organisation in Kippy named The first user to register for your organisation becomes the owner. The owner can invite users to join the same organisation in Kippy ... but they must have the same email domain (or use Slack to register). An organisation can have many teams. By default, a Global team is created. The owner can create many other teams, each with their own objectives, KPIs and projects. When inviting another user, the owner assigns that user a role. Each user can have the role of admin, manager (or just plain old) user. These roles determine what the user can modify, per team. Each of these users, can then invite other users too. Invited users get to use ALL features.

What exactly do you mean by $9 per team per month?

When the team leader logs in to use Kippy, he/she will be asked to subscribe by providing their payment details (e.g. credit card) via the online popup (integrated with $9 USD will be debit every month until the team leader informs us they want to cancel their subscription. Or you can pay $99 annually.

What support do I get?

​All plans include LIVE CHAT support - which allows you to talk directly to a real person, directly from a pop-up window whilst using Kippy. Quick-start Plan users will be directed to the extensive how-to-videos and online user guides. Premium Plan users will be able to ask specific questions and get detailed help on how to use the various Kippy features via the online chat. We can also help import existing KPI data into Kippy.

Do I need training to start?

No. Kippy is designed to be intuitive to learn and easy to use.
Kippy also comes with a demo of typical perspectives, objectives and KPIs. So even if you need help identifying which of your KPIs you should measure, Kippy helps get you started straight away. However, we are happy to provide bespoke training on both Kippy and performance management via our extensive global network of consultancies. Contact us to discuss.

Are there other ways to pay?

For the Professional plan, you can only pay via the online popup. You will be billed monthly. There are no Annual discounts. For the Enterprise plan, please contact us to discuss other options.

What happens when I register?

As soon as you register, you will be logged in to your very own Kippy instance with the Quick-start Plan. This provides all features and allows you to add up to 10 teams - for free! If and when you want more than 10 teams, or want access to Premium Plan level support, simply go to the Subscriptions tab in the in-app Settings menu, where you can easily upgrade to the Premium Plan in just a few minutes. All you'll need is a credit card - no contracts - no minimum term or cancellation charges - cancel anytime.
By the way, if you are a non-profit organisation, charity or educational institution, we can set you up as free for ever. Contact us to discuss.

How secure will my data and payment details be?

We will never share your data with ANYONE else ... EVER! ​ Kippy uses SSL encryption for all your data in transit and at rest - hosted on Google Cloud Engine europe-west2 - and regulary backed up. ​ Payments details are captured online (the leading cloud payments company and was ranked number one on the Forbes Cloud 100).​​ This means Kippy will never know or store your credit card or payment details. Note, we will never contact you by phone or email to ask for your payment information. You can find more details on the Security page.

Are there any hidden fees?

No. None. $0 per month for the Quick-start Plan, and $9 per month, for the Premium Plan. That's right, just $9 per month for your entire organisation - unlimited users, teams, KPIs, projects, etc. Even if we put our prices up in the future, your subscription will stay on the price you signed up on. When you leave, we will securely transfer all your data back to you. No charge.

Can I try before I buy?

Absolutely. Check out the Demo, which has dummy data set up to show you how the software works once fully set up. Then sign up for the Quick-start plan, which has all features and let's you configure up to 10 teams for $0 per month - forever. There is no obligation to upgrade to the Premium Plan and you can leave whenever you want.

What if I want to change or cancel my plan?

You can change your plan at any time. Your credit card will be charged at the start of every month. The change will take effect at the start of the next month. If you want to cancel, just contact us before the end of the month. There is no minimum contract or notice period.

Do you offer discounts?

Non-profit organisations, charities and educational institutions can use Kippy for free - forever.. The Premium plan is usually $99 per month, but is 90% discounted and now simply $9 per month.

I am still not convinced or do not understand how Kippy can help me?

We believe Performance Management can help you, your teams and organisation in a number of ways - safety, cost, quality, people, delivery, etc. Kippy can help you identify your corporate objectives and the related measurable KPIs, to track if you are moving in the right direction, at the correct speed. And if you're not, Kippy helps you to quickly identify and resolve issues across your organisation. By putting down the framework and process, Kippy helps you mature your organisation - ensuring you focus all your effort on the same objectives - and all pull in the same direction. By devolving responsibility for maintaining, updating and reporting across your organisation - Kippy helps share the load - so you get quality information - without the labourious admin and bottlenecks. But that's OK .... if you're still not convinced .... we can still help. Instead of trying to effect Performance Management improvements yourself, contact us and we can help you get set up on Kippy and hand-hold your organisation through the initial set up and integration. We can even arrange Performance Management consultancy through our vast global network of partners. Contact us for more details

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