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Modern tooling to ensure engagement from everyone and anywhere.

$4 / month

Price per user. All features included.

14-day free trial. Cancel anytime.

need more than 50 user licenses ?

Contact us for guided setup, hosting, billing and support. The Enterprise plan includes: 

  • all features

  • unlimited users, teams, projects, tasks, appraisals and integrations 

  • live customer demos with indicative data

  • dedicated hosting, for greater resilience and service isolation

  • larger cloud machines, for greater speed and responsiveness

  • additional non-production instances for testing and UAT

  • setup support and guidance, for a faster go-live 

  • custom extensions for web API, function, adapter and system integrations

  • technical and feature support via whatsapp and phone 

  • invoice based billing

  • annual billing discounts


let us accelerate your setup

Want to get set up without the usual hassles? kippy's enterprise accelerator package gets you set up in just 20 days!

Our consultants will take the lead to import your existing data, integrate with your systems and support your organisation as it gets up to full speed.  

Available at a low fixed price.

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