Strategy at the centre

Put your corporate strategy at the heart of everything your teams do - everywhere they do it.

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Manage performance, projects and staff against your strategy


Import your existing strategy and performance from Excel in minutes

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APIs and adapters to automatically pull key metrics from anywhere

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Full multi-language support, including right-to-left for Arabic

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Appraise staff on competencies, OKRs, KPIs and initiatives

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Automated alerts for everything

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Task management with built in chat and wiki 

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Locking, auditing and governance by default

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Set targets and approve submissions by role

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Automated score calculation of corporate performance on live interactive dashboards

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Web APIs input/output data exactly how you need


Highly-optimised microapps to simplify user journeys 

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Administer everything yourself with simple configuration

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Track at multiple frequencies, all at the same time

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Track projects against the strategic milestones that matter

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Acknowledge good work for 360-degree feedback

Modern tooling for organisational alignment

Save time

Spend less time managing your performance data,
and more time using it to improve your corporate performance.


Draft individual and team KPIs and targets, with governance by default for approvals and custom workflows for tasks.

No more Excel

Import your strategy out of Excel, set targets online and pull all your KPIs and milestones into one place.


Mix different sources of productivity with individual objectives and appraisals, to create autonomous teams pulling in the same direction. 


Manage, merge and augment your strategy centric data with simple self configuration and zero-coding.


Make decisions with confidence using accurate views of everything going on in your organisation, by every dimension.

Ready to use

Streamline HR, PMO and CPM with pre-built reports of every metric, milestone and employee - rated by competency and performance achieved.


Help dispersed teams with differing tools, approaches and maturity converge with full traceability and immutable auditing.

What can kippy do for you?


Improve productivity, agility and morale across your organisation - and remove untimely wasteful initiatives - with an easy online tool that aligns strategic, team, personal and shared goals.


Change perception of PMO from bureaucracy to value-add with dashboards of strategy-centric project milestones - increasing stakeholder engagement and chances of project success.


Make strategy happen without the usual hassles - by providing the framework and tooling for your strategic planning process to go live – within a week.


Align your efforts to your leadership’s and highlights how you are helping them meet their objectives. Use your expertise to set achievable individual and team targets, to focus improvement on what matters most.


Increase HR's influence to go from being viewed as a reactive service, to having a seat at the strategy table - with data-driven employee appraisals, directly aligned to corporate goals.


Connect your personal goals to those of your organisation - with clear traceability of how your every activity is driving the business to succeed and improve.

Safe, simple and secure

Integrity by default

Holistic approach to integrity - you control exactly what each user can see and change! 

- Approval workflows

- Team hierarchies

- Attach evidence

- Auto-locking change windows

Simple and intuitive

Simplified decision-making with unique 1x, 2x, 3x fixed weighting. Collaborate in-app or via your existing tools.

- Desktop and mobile

- Self-configure anything

- Unique simplified methodology

Safe and trusted

Encryption, monitoring & auditing at all levels. We will not share your data with anyone ... ever!

- Immutable Audit trail

- Role-based access

- Automated backups

- Security at all layers

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Your kippy instance really means your kippy instance

Are you doing workarounds in your business processes to fit a shared performance management product that is a "jack of all trades"? Are you waiting months for your feature requests to be prioritised and deployed in the next product release? We build features and enhancements that perfectly fit your needs and deploy them on a dedicated kippy cloud instance just for you, in days!

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Meet needs of each user, in each scenario, perfectly

No matter how great a dashboard, report or app user interface is, it will never be perfect for every persona, in every company, in every situation. kippy comes with great user interfaces by default, but also lets you create user specific micro-apps with custom reports and dashboards, geared exclusively to a particular person, for a specific use case, just for your organisation. So don't just use your tools, love them!

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Easily source and transform your data

Pull and transform data without coding or support from IT. Dynamically set your actuals by referencing other KPIs with functions like add, subtract, multiply, divide, percentage and average. Need a new function or adapter, we'll make it for you. Want to code your own, we'll host it for you. Want to host it yourself, we'll call it as needed. Want to push in the values, call our APIs. Whatever your use case, we've got you covered!

Start in minutes. Roll-out in days.

One-stop view of your entire organisation.


Easily add teams to the hierarchy

and view status per month and year.