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about us


Helping everyone engage with strategy

Modern tooling to help everyone meet the key corporate objectives

Our mission

To empower all organisations  to improve their performance and  resolve their most important issues   with a secure, easy-to-use, Cloud-based Performance Management platform.

Our vision

To be the world’s favourite and most used Performance Management solution, by helping
people and businesses create value and realise their full potential.


Our values

Integrity | Security | Collaboration

Our story

Kippy was founded in 2019 by experts in Performance Management and Cloud-based software.
Dr Rachad Baroudi is a world-leading international consultant with 30 years of experience in performance management and strategy.
Nauman Khan has 20 years of technical leadership - designing and building the biggest and most used online Cloud-based products in the world.
Together, they identified the opportunity to disrupt and modernise KPI, Project, Appraisal, Performance and Strategy Management, with an end-to-end solution and simplified methodology, for anyone and everyone to quickly and easily benefit from ‘Performance Management ... made simple.’

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