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Please contact us for references from any of our many happy customers, from all over the world. Including: 

- industrial manufacturer 

- semi-government entity 

- global management group

- plantation

- holding company 

- technology provider 

- higher education academy

- building & civil engineering

- corporate performance consultancy 

- and many more.

Quick And Easy

The A.I. feature is a game changer for the strategy industry

USA / Philippines
1000+ employees
Using >2 years

Amazing Support

Full set-up support provided until the job was done


Sri Lanka

1200+ employees

Using >2 years

Best Value

Thinks like a consultant and acts like an excellent executor
1000+ employees
Using >3 years

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Udayapriya Imbulpitiyalage
Head Of Human Resources & Administration - Group 

Dear Kippy Team,
I am writing to provide a review of the KIPPY/PMS (Employee Performance Management System) and KIPPY/OKR (Objective and Key Results) system, which we have been using for over a year now to manage employee and company objectives, respectively.
As the system owner for the Global group, I have successfully implemented these two systems across five different locations, covering a total of 1,200 employees. The corporate objective alignment with divisional objectives and KRI is perfect, and all data analysis with XMR charts and trendlines can be done easily.
We purchased the Enterprise Subscription and Enterprise Accelerator Package, and the level of support was beyond our expectations. The KIPPY team provided full support until the job was done, and their support is excellent.
KIPPY/OKR has been instrumental in managing company objectives, key results, and projects. In my 18 years of experience as an HR and business partner, I have found KIPPY/PMS and KIPPY/OKR to be the best systems for our needs. These systems have made our lives easier and helped the company go up to the next level.
Overall, I highly recommend the KIPPY/PMS and KIPPY/OKR system to any company looking for an efficient and effective way to manage their employee performance and company objectives.
Thanks and Best Regards,


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Pinky Lama
VP- Global Quality Group

Hi Kippy Team,

We have been using the system for 1 year and I am extremely impressed with the system and would highly recommend it to others.


Using Kippy has made my life easier. I don’t need to manually calculate it as Kippy does it for me. The reporting tools provided by the system have helped me to analyze data quickly and efficiently, saving me countless hours of manual work.

There are times when I needed a certain kind of dashboard to meet my company requirement your team were able to support, customize it and provided me the report.  The turn around time was good as you were very responsive, supportive and ready to help at any time of the day.
Overall, I have found the system to be an invaluable tool in my work, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable and efficient system.
Very Respectfully,
Pinky Lama


“We operate in a dynamic manufacturing technological sector were we are forced to adjust our strategy on continuous basis. Kippy is great in this regards due to its simplicity and ease of use. Milestones and KPIs weights are set once regardless of adding any new KPI or milestone. Most users used the system naturally without the need for long training. IT team involvement was minimal which made Kippy cloud implementation fast and effective. Task management and collaboration tools helped all users to be engaged in strategy execution with clear understanding of current status and required actions”


“Aligning a government entity to KSA national 2030 vision is a challenging task. The entity has more than 25 locations in the country with different strategy maturity levels, internal strategy frameworks, and strategy IT systems (including Excel sheets). We are happy that we adopted which helped us to unify strategy and project tracking through out the country using our browsers. As a strategy professional, I have instant visibility on all KPIs data coming from all locations. This is a great advantage and internal benchmark is now possible.”


'High-levels of governance is a must in any bank. For example, who can see what information should be based on their managerial level and ownership of a specific objective, project or KPI. We found Kippy addressing this important need. Our issue was solved with the ability to create the bank organization structure inside the system in addition to assigning users roles in each team as needed. "

integration (v0.1).jpg


kippy easily integrates to all existing internal tools, such as:

Project Management,




Task management,

Document management,

and many more.



“I believe Kippy is an amazing and necessary tool for all PMO & SMO units to help PMO teams, strategy teams, project managers, portfolio managers and leaders, in all types of organisations, align strategic objectives and manage KPIs and performance. Kippy also helps project managers fix project deviations early. I highly recommend using Kippy for strategy planning and execution, and aligning projects to organisation objectives.”

Eyad Zamel

Consulting PMO Manager at

Deloitte & Touche


" is a comprehensive performance management tool for CEOs and Managers looking to improve their organisation's performance, through integrating and aligning their strategies with qualitative and quantitative objectives. Kippy's attractive, intuitive and cloud-based interface provides a 360 degrees view on organisation performance, with all the necessary governance bells and whistles. I highly recommend Kippy for organisations small and large."

Abdulrazak Tello

Director at PwC


"As a management consultant specialized in providing HR consultancy services to entities, I found Kippy system friendly to use in carrying out the activities related to employee performance management like individual KPIs, performance appraisal. I recommend Kippy to organizations aiming at increasing their accuracy in managing performance at the corporate and individual levels as well as shifting from manual performance management to system based management." ​

 Mohamad Mukadem

Manager at KPMG


"Kippy is an innovative and effective approach to manage organisational performance, tightly linking organisational, functional, and individual KPIs - with project progress and individual appraisals. Highly recommended" ​

Michael Mamish

Senior Client Partner at

Korn Ferry


"Wonderful! This is a great step for all companies struggling with their current performance management. Kippi helps you clearly define goals that link directly to your vision and strategies. I’m excited to start using it in my upcoming project." ​

 Manal Tell

Associate Director at

Ernst & Young


"An ultimate goal for our organizations regardless of size, maturity or even business nature is to have a comprehensive and precise module or platform to manage our strategy and performance management system. And to have a solid governance structure to enable us set priorities and have a data driven decision making process. Kippy is a good tool to achieve that aspirations in a customisable way to completely fit your organisation." ​

 Dr Ahmad Fayez
Manager at Palladium

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