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Functions, adapters and integrations

Kippy was born on the Cloud! And if you're wondering what that really means then you're in for a treat.

Traditionally, applications and systems would collect your data and make it very difficult to interact with it or interface to it. 

The modern approach is to secure your data, and allow fully flexibility to the things you trust interact with it, safely and easily. 

As well as providing web apis for ultimate flexibility and microapps for tailored journeys, kippy also provides you with reusable components to integrate to your data and a platform to create and extend those components. 

Three such types of components are functions, adapters and integrations:


A function allows you to manipulate your data in kippy in a data driven way. So a user can state, that the value of KPI A equals the value of KPI B plus the value of KPI C.

These formulas are entered by the user in the KPI definition in kippy - just like an Excel formula.

A wide range of functions are supported, including Add, Subtract, Divide, Multiply, Ratio, Percentage, Average, etc. 

Also, the copy function can be used to make the Actual the same as the Actual for another KPI from the same or different Team. 


For example, setting the formula on a specific KPI in the CEO team to :

=cloud.kippy.copy("Sales","Items Sold")

will copy the Actual of the ‘items sold’ KPI from the Sales team and set it to that specific KPI in the CEO team.

We can add more functions. And YOU can add more functions! And macros! Just like Excel!

See demo here.


An adapter is like a formula except that it allows you to source your actual from another system. So a user setting up a KPI can state that the data source for:

- a 'Items sold' KPI comes from your sales system

- a 'No. of defects' comes from a production build system

- a 'Project burndown' come from a PMO system

- etc. 

These adapters can be set up to pull, push and poll. And as well as our existing adapters ... yes, YOU can add more!

These links provide more details of the proof of concepts to integrated with Oracle JD Edwards and Microsoft Dynamics 365. See here for a video of the PoC output.


Kippy already has many in built deep integrations. For example to Slack (for collaboration), Google (for sign in) and Zapier (for virtually everything!)

But we also provide custom integrations to your existing/internal systems - quickly and robustly joining up your business processes - without over reliance on your internal IT capability. 

So whether that's:

- sourcing data from your PMO tooling

- pushing notifications to your task management system

- mixing performance data from your ERP

- feeding your BI and dashboards

- live feeds from your production systems,

- etc.

... we've got you covered!

For a demo of kippy integrated with an ERP system (Wrike) using OAuth2 and custom data-driven configuration, see here.

I hope this helps - any questions - please contact us via the Live Chat or at





CEO and Founder

kippy - performance management ... made simple

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