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How to get started on kippy


In this post, I will try to provide a quick and simple explanation on how to get set up and productive on kippy as soon as possible.

TLDR: Contact us and we'll do it for you. 


But if you want to know more, read on. 


I will assume you understand the benefits of managing your strategy and you have a good handle on your objectives and how to track them. If not, one of our local strategy consultancy partners can help you with that.


I will also assume you have seen kippy in action - either by watching the videos, completing some of the free kippy tutorials or trying the kippy demo for yourself. If not, don't worry - it's pretty intuitive.


So what is kippy? Well, in a nutshell, kippy brings together the golden triangle of performance management ... KPIs, Projects and Employee Appraisals.


kippy helps you and your team work to the same objectives across kpis, projects and employee appraisals, replacing cumbersome spreadsheets with a tailored cloud-based experience - with easy access, governance by default and a unique, elegant and holistic approach to strategy and performance management.


All this in one Cloud based tool, that anyone in your organisation can securely access anytime, from anywhere - so you can execute your strategy with confidence about the integrity of the information - with all the governance rules baked in by default.


It does this, by allowing you to model your organisation structure, objectives, KPIs, projects and staff - to provide visibility on progress to pre-defined objectives - and get feedback on how they can improve their contribution to the wider organisation.


So, to get set up, I'll assume you have already registered your organisation with kippy. This makes you the 'System Owner'. Please register with your corporate email address, as this will help ensure only people from your organisation can access your kippy instance. However, if you don't want that, you can register via a Slack login.


So, to get your objectives, KPIs, projects, teams and staff set up in kippy, you have a few options:


1) You can set it up yourself. Follow the Getting Started guide and step by step, you'll soon have :

  • defined your strategy

  • set up your objectives

  • defined your KPIs and projects

  • set your month by month targets for the year

  • entered your actual positions

  • modelled the teams in your organisation and propagated the central strategy to them

  • invited colleagues to administer, update, contribute and take ownership for their local objectives


2) Contact us and let us do it for you. That's right, free of charge, we will help model your strategy to the KPI methodology and set up kippy for you. We can do this by hand-holding you through the process or bulk uploading all your current information via simple to understand Excel spreadsheet templates. Contact us at


3) Contact a kippy consultancy partner. We have a host range of kippy partners in every region of the world, who, as well being experts in performance strategy management, have been trained on the kippy tooling and methodology and are certified kippy installers. We can also help you further integrate via the web apis and the collaborative Cloud ecosystem!


Depending on the size of your organisation, we typically expect you to be up and running on kippy within a few days to a week! That's because there's no complex IT installs - it's all Cloud based and all you need is an internet browser.


And by the way, there's no commercial headaches - you can start right now with all the features for free. 


Finally, please note, we will NOT share your data with anyone, ever!!!


I hope this helps - any questions - please contact us at





CEO and Founder

kippy - performance management ... made simple

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