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user roles


kippy ensures that only the right user can view and change information appropriate for their role. 

Each users has a role and a team.  The role determines what they can do. For example, only a Manager can appraise. The team determines who they can appraise i.e. only the users of their team. 

The user's permissions cascade down the organisational hierarchy. So for example, a Manager in the Level 2 Technology team can appraise staff in the Level 3 Software Engineering and Level 3 Testing teams underneath. However, that Manager cannot appraise someone in a different Level 2 team, or any other Level 3.

A user can only have one of the 3 roles - Team Manager, Team Admin and User role. The user may also be given the System Owner as well as.

The table gives you a quick guide to determine which role to give each user.