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Applications that focus on letting all the users do everything at any time, usually end up making it difficult, for a particular user, do the most important thing they do, most of the time. 

For example, below is a typical set of options you may get presented when you open Excel.

Screenshot 2022-07-03 at 08.53.24.png

However, when you wan to do a Google search, you are more likely to see the example below. 

Screenshot 2022-07-03 at 08.56.07.png

The same can be seen in most performance management systems - where the user who logs in once a month to submit their progress, is presented with the same options and interface, as the super-admin user who can perform every function and configuration.

kippy takes a unique approach to this by providing 'microapps' that users can bookmark on their mobile/tablet/laptop devices, to complete the specific activity they were looking to do, in just a few clicks. 


One example of such a microapp is the 'Check in' microapp, which is useful for users who want to quickly and easily submit an updated KPI actual e.g. when they've got a few minutes between meetings, on their daily commute, or waiting for their coffee. 

The Check in microapp presents the user with only the KPIs that a) they are the owner for and b) they need to update in the current reporting period. 


The user can select a KPI to 'Update' .... and 'Save' the new actual, in just a few clicks.


The Check in microapp further simplifies this by providing different 'widgets' to update the KPI Actuals, based on the Unit of the KPI. 

In the example below, the Unit of the KPI is 'Completed'. Therefore the user is simply presented with two radio buttons to indicate whether the KPI is 'Completed' or 'Not completed'.


Another example below, shows the Unit of the KPI are 'OKR'. This presents an OKR-style widget, to indicate where the user believes they are on the standard OKR scale ( e.g. 0.7 for 'We delivered' ....but only just ). 


kippy provides many other widgets and microapps ... and also allows you to propose and provide your own.

I hope this helps - any questions - please contact us via the Live Chat or at




CEO and Founder

kippy - performance management ... made simple

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