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Focus your appraisals on corporate objectives

The following short video highlights the need for focusing appraisals on corporate objectives.

So if the next question you have is how exactly you use kippy to start objective based appraisals, this article shows you some simple steps to get going.


Firstly, I will assume you've already registered for kippy and are logged in as the system owner. The getting started guides show you how to set up your first Objective and KPI - and set forecasts and actuals.


When setting up a KPI, you can set a KPI Owner. This is the person ultimately responsible for the performance of this KPI. The benefit of assigning a KPI to a person, is that you can then use the performance of that KPI to determine the appraisal and feedback that person should receive.


In the example below, Bob is the owner for the following KPI.

Screenshot 2020-08-01 at 23.43.54.png

Now, looking at Bob's individual performance summary, you can see he is the owner for one KPI - along with the score for that KPI.

Screenshot 2020-08-01 at 23.41.40.png

Obviously, the individual performance summary shows a lot more useful information too, such as, Bob's team, the score for that team, Bob's projects/milestones - and the ability to leave Bob notes and feedback.


The next bit we will focus on are the Competencies.


Kippy comes pre-configured with some common Competencies, which you can add, remove and edit in the Settings menu. You can also give them different weights and alter them for managers and non-managers.

For now, as Bob's manager, I'm going to set his competencies like below.

Screenshot 2020-08-01 at 23.58.26.png

As you can see, to go with the score for the KPI Bob owns, he now also has a Competency Score. This can be used to compare his performance to his previous and future appraisals - and to compare him to his peers.


In combination with the scores for any project and milestones Bob could be the owner for, this gives a great summary of his performance - ready for you to easily leave some notes for him with additional feedback and guidance.


So that's it. You can add more users, teams, KPIs, projects and appraisals for any reporting period - knowing that all the governance, privacy and auditing is already in place.


The following video shows it all in action.

I hope this helps - any questions - please contact us via the Live Chat or at





CEO and Founder

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