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Understanding the kippy methodology

In this post, I will explain how best to model your strategy in kippy and the benefits of aligning to the kippy methodology.


Firstly, a simple fact that you are probably all too familiar with - most strategy and performance implementations fail.


kippy reduces many of the technical hurdles - such as the ease with which the strategy can be implemented in the tooling - how the tooling can replace your current implementation (usually Excel) - and be better integrated into your systems and working practices for seamless contribution, presentation and collaboration.


More importantly, kippy has also been built from the ground up with over two decades of hands-on experience of strategy implementations in a variety or regions, industries, sectors and organisations.


The key part of these learnings were finding the sweet-spot between simplicity and usefulness to maximise the chances of a successful strategy and performance implementation - one that will actually deliver net value to your organisation.


To help make a success of your kippy implementation, we regularly run free online tutorials and workshops on strategy best-practices, the kippy methodology and how you can model your strategy in kippy.


Furthermore, we are happy to look at your existing strategy and recommend how it correlates to the kippy methodology, terminology and built-in governance.


Alternatively, you can engage a kippy consultancy partner who, as well as being a trained strategy professional, is pre-trained and certified in the kippy tool and methodology.


It is not for this post to explain kippy methodology and terminology - the best way to do that is to watch the explainer video, try the demo, read the how to guides, register, follow the how to video and attend the free online sessions.


However, to give you a flavour of the high-level kippy concepts, the mind-map below shows you all the 'things' in kippy. Once you are familiar with all that, you've fully understood kippy.

Screenshot 2020-07-17 at 02.58.09.png

I hope this helps - any questions - please contact us via the Live Chat or at





CEO and Founder

kippy - performance management ... made simple

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