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10-Step Process for a Strategy-centric Business

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Every organisation has a different history, culture and method of working.


One common theme we have noticed amongst some of the companies and organisations we work with is how they cascade their top-down strategy to their teams and then track execution for continuous improvement. 

Step 1 - CEO: Approves a new corporate objective

Step 2 - Senior managers: Cascade new objective to all teams

Step 3 - Team manager: Propose new initiatives and KPIs to meet objective locally

Step 4 - Senior managers: Review and approve proposed initiatives and KPIs

Step 5 - Team manager: Assign related tasks to staff

Step 6 - Staff: Action, progress and complete tasks

Step 7 - Team manager: Track, report and feedback on related activity

Step 8 - Senior managers: Review effort and outcomes for strategy review and continuous improvement

Step 9 - HR manager: Help appraise and give recognition based on related achievements

Step 10 - Tech team: Help ensure data quality with appropriate tooling

kippy helps align your KPIs, Projects, Tasks and Employee Appraisals to your key strategic objectives.

Please get in touch and let us know about your experiences and to discuss how kippy can help you with your strategy execution.


Nauman Khan

CEO and Founder

kippy - performance management ... made simple

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