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System to system updates 


If you want to update kippy with actuals in other systems, you can create system to integrations to securely push values into kippy. 

This can help you use information in other systems in your enterprise, to automatically update your KPIs and Project Milestones, to help keep an eye on strategy and performance at organisation, team, objective, KPI, project and individual employee levels.

To do this, you will need to construct a web URL.<year>&period=<period>&board=<boardName>&name=<name>&value=<value>

Below is a description of the values that must be provided in the url:

year=<year> : the year this KPI or Milestone actual is being supplied for e.g. 2024

period=<period> : the period this KPI or Milestone actual is being supplied for e.g. 1 for Jan, 12 for Dec

board=<boardName> : the kippy team this KPI or Milestone belongs to e.g. CEO

name=<name> : the name of the KPI or Milestone to be updated. This must be exactly as entered in kippy.

value=<value> : the numeric value with which to update this KPI or Milestone, for this board, for this year and period. The value must be a number. 

To authenticate, call the following url

with the username and password passed in with a Basic Authentication header.

This will return an access_token in a json object, that must be passed in as a Bearer token in the Authorization header of the call to the data endpoint request. 

If all the information provided is correct, kippy will be updated with new value

See here foan example with Java code of how you can set up jobs in your enterprise to 'push' info to kippy.


FYI there are also alternative mechanisms for you to authenticate and for kippy to 'pull' information from your enterprise.

I hope this helps - any questions - please contact us via the Live Chat or at




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