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  • Lorea Lastiri

21 Best Software Solutions for KPI Management

KPI management software is an irreplaceable tool for business managers.

A KPI software helps you bring all your data together for easy tracking, analysis, and visualization of your company’s most important metrics.

It gives you a quick overview of your company’s performance, leading to better and faster decision-making.

There are many KPI software solutions in the market, ranging from simple metric-tracking tools to advanced business intelligence solutions.

As a result, finding the right solution for your company can be a headache.

This article will make KPI software selection easier for you by revealing the best 21 software solutions for KPI management.

We’ll examine the reasons behind each KPI tool’s suitability, including features, customization options, ease of use, scalability, integration capabilities, and more.

The top 21 software solutions for KPI management are:

1. Kippy

Kippy is a comprehensive and robust tool that provides assessment and control of corporate strategy and KPI performance. It is more than a KPI dashboard software. It is a tool that helps you put your corporate strategy at the heart of everything your teams do.

Kippy is miles ahead of other KPI software solutions because it is the only tool in the world that automatically generates accurate KPIs for your corporate objectives.

Before using other KPI tools, you first have to go through the tedious process of selecting the right KPIs to measure your objectives.

This can take several weeks of precious management time and cost thousands of dollars.

However, Kippy makes KPI selection easy-peasy. You simply input your objectives, and Kippy will use AI to furnish you with accurate and actionable KPIs in mere seconds.

Kippy also makes it easy to cascade objectives to all levels of your organization, allowing you to align every process, activity, and employee to your company's most important objectives.

Kippy top features

  • Has a great user interface.

  • Uses AI to generate accurate KPIs in seconds for measuring your objectives.

  • Helps you ensure full alignment across the organization.

  • Offers interactive dashboards for visualizing and analyzing performance.

  • Lets you create specific micro-apps, custom reports, and dashboards.

  • It integrates with Zapier to allow you to automate workflows.

  • Features built-in chat.

2. Cascade

Cascade is another highly-rated strategy management software that helps you connect your metrics and initiatives to your business performance to make better decisions.

Cascade’s KPI features include KPI tracking, data visualization, and reporting. It helps you align your processes and teams with your metrics so everyone works together toward achieving goals.

Thanks to a simple drag-and-drop interface, you can create easily beautiful, professional-looking dashboards to help you track performances in real time.

Cascade top features

  • Easy-to-use user interface.

  • Offers several strategy templates to help you quickly formulate your business strategies.

  • Offers real-time dashboards and reports, allowing you to identify issues before it’s too late.

  • Offers customizable KPI dashboards and reports.

  • Has over 1,000 integrations, allowing you to have all your data in one place.

3. Smartsheet

Smartsheet is a spreadsheet-style project management tool that enables teams to manage projects, automate processes, and scale programs in one platform.

With this modernized project management tool, you can get everyone in sync with all your activities and critical timelines.

Smartsheet has everything you need to track your plans, resources, and schedules.

It has rich views, workflows, reports, and dashboards. These allow you to monitor KPI targets, capture deviations, and take necessary actions to keep projects on track.

Smartsheet integrates with the apps you already use, so you can work faster from one place without switching from one app to another.

Smartsheet top features

  • Implement powerful automated workflows in minutes.

  • Powerful dashboards to give management real-time views into the status of KPIs, critical trends, etc.

  • Visualize your projects with Gantt charts.

  • Set reminders to remind you and the team about approaching deadlines and upcoming tasks.

  • Collaborate with others by seamlessly sharing sheets, reports, or dashboards.

4. SimpleKPI

SimpleKPI is a KPI dashboard software that helps you create dashboards and reports to track performance. As its name suggests, SimpleKPI aims to make KPI tracking simple.

Whether you are new to performance management or an experienced professional, SimpleKPI helps you track key performance indicators, metrics, and data with simple, insightful dashboards.

You can bring your data to life with interactive dashboards, use its analytic features to analyze the ups and downs to make sense of your data, and share meaningful reports with your team.

Cascade also lets you tailor your dashboards and reports to your branding.

SimpleKPI top features

  • An easy-to-use tool with a simple interface.

  • Interactive dashboards for real-time monitoring.

  • Reports for sharing and collaboration with your team.

  • Analysis features to understand your data.

5. Datapine

Datapine is a business intelligence and dashboarding platform that empowers KPI-driven businesses to grow further. It enables managers to explore, visualize, and analyze data in one central place.

Datapine integrates with different data sources (such as databases, Google Analytics, CRM, etc.), giving you access to all relevant company data and enabling you to make data-driven decisions.

The platform offers a lot of interactive dashboards that help businesses to monitor their KPIs and make sense of complex data.

Datapine is more than a KPI dashboard tool because it offers advanced analytics solutions like predictive analytics.

It also uses Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to provide intelligent data alerts. Its algorithm learns from your data and alerts you as soon as something unexpected happens.

Datapine top features

  • A simple interface that makes it easy to use by even beginners.

  • Offers tons of interactive dashboards.

  • Advanced analytics features.

  • Offers intelligent data alerts using AI.

6. Databox

Databox advertises as a fast and simple way to build, monitor, and share dashboards from everywhere. Databox gives you a single platform to view all your KPI reports and help you understand what is going on in your business.

It lets you connect to all your data in one place, pull the key metrics you need, visualize your KPIs in various ways, customize your dashboards to your liking, and share reports with your team.

The dashboard designer features drag-and-drop simplicity, so anyone can use Databox to build custom dashboards.

The platform also lets you build professional reports in minutes. You can also automate reporting so reports go out at whatever cadence works best for you.

Databox’s calculated metrics feature allows you to combine data from multiple sources to calculate new metrics, conversion rates, ROI, and much more without needing to code.

Datapoint top features

  • Beautiful data visualizations.

  • Get automated alerts when important metrics are trending up or down or moving as expected.

  • Calculated metrics to combine data and calculate new metrics.

  • Automated reporting.

  • 100+ native integrations.

7. KPI Fire

KPI Fire advertises as a business improvement software that you can use to quantify the performance of your business improvement program.

It works as a strategy execution software, continuous improvement software, and KPI dashboard.

Businesses can use KPI Fire to align strategic objectives with key performance metrics and measure the contribution of critical projects. The platform provides a simple, visual way to view metrics.

KPI Fire does not integrate with third-party apps. But it allows you to import projects into the app.

KPI Fire top features

  • Intuitive software that’s easy to use.

  • Great project views, making it easy to identify which projects need extra help.

  • Align everyone with your strategic goals.

  • Good dashboards for visualizing metrics.

8. Klipfolio

Klipfolio advertises as a business dashboard and analytics software for individuals and teams. It helps people connect to the data sources they use every day and create dashboards everyone will love.

With Klipfolio, you can display and view your dashboards on any screen, including mobile devices, tablets, browsers, and even TVs.

The platform has data analysis capabilities. Its data feed editor helps you restructure and bring simplicity to your data. You can analyze business data and draw actionable insights easily.

Klipfolio's top features

  • Robust data analysis capabilities.

  • You can display your dashboards on any screen, including TV.s

  • You can easily create custom metrics with its sophisticated visualization editor.

  • Has tons of pre-built metrics and KPI dashboard templates.

9. Geckoboard

Geckoboard advertises as a data visualization tool that business leaders can use to build and share KPI dashboards in minutes. It gives you real-time business dashboards allowing you to see KPIs in real-time to respond to performance issues faster and improve your team's performance.

The data visualization software connects to over 80 data sources, allowing you to bring your important metrics together in a single view.

Geckoboad features a simple dashboard drag-and-drop builder that makes it easy to build beautiful dashboards. It also has several dashboard templates, making it easy to create dashboards and reports.

While Geckoboard is low on data analytics, it excels in data visualizations.

Geckoboard top features

  • An easy-to-use interface.

  • Very easy to create data visualizations.

  • Share a link to your dashboard in a chat or email.

10. iDashboards

iDashboards is a data visualization tool software for building interactive dashboards and reporting. It helps business managers make the most out of their data.

It allows you to connect to different data sources, blend data and perform analytics, and build amazing dashboards to visualize the data.

The simple drag-and-drop tool helps you build custom dashboards to track KPIs. This lets you identify trends and deviations quickly for timely action.

Also, iDashboard lets you choose how to manage your data. You can choose to install iDashboards software on your server or use the platform’s Amazon Cloud option.

iDashboard top features

  • Easy-to-use data visualization tool.

  • Enable you to create beautiful custom KPI dashboards.

  • Lets you interact with every layer of data.

  • Offers real-time analysis of metrics.

11. Sisense

Sisense advertises as a business intelligence software that gives you the power to act. It is a business intelligence tool, a business analytics platform, and a KPI reporting software rolled into one.

It takes you beyond dashboards and lets you scale analytics across your business to power growth.

You can connect data from anywhere (cloud, in-app, and on-premise) and then analyze and explore the data for insight.

It has machine learning capabilities, allowing you to type a question to get simple narratives helping you quickly understand analysis.

It’s easy to build dashboards for your business metrics. To make dashboard-building easy, Sisense comes with dashboard templates for different industries.

Sisense top features

  • Easy to use.

  • Provides advanced data analytics capabilities.

  • Provides powerful data visualizations.

  • Provides real-time insights.

  • It can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud.

12. Handy KPI

Handy KPI is a mobile-first KPI dashboard tool specifically designed for tracking your key performance indicators on mobile devices. It is built for mobile devices. So, it puts the power of KPI tracking and controlling your business’ performance in the palm of your hand.

Handy KPI says it simplifies KPI dashboards. With the small screen of mobile devices in mind, Handy KPI steps down KPI dashboards, leaving out “complicated and boring tables and charts.”

It displays the metrics, so you can focus on what is important.

Handy KPI top features

  • Control business KPIs in a mobile app.

  • It offers fast reporting, allowing you to deliver KPIs to your team in seconds.

  • Chartless displays to keep your team focused on performance.

  • Manage in a browser.

13. Tableau

Tableau is a power-packed data visualization and business intelligence tool that helps people visualize and understand their data. Tableau needs no introduction, as it is arguably the world’s biggest business intelligence and analytics software.

Tableau connects to a variety of data sources. You can pull data from spreadsheets and cloud applications for analysis. In fact, Tableau leads the way among in-depth analysis tools as it can fulfill any data analytics needs.

It has powerful visualization capabilities. You can use a variety of visual elements to create dashboards and stories to make complex data easy to understand by visualizing it.

However, Tableau has a steep learning curve and is relatively pricey.

Tableau top features

  • Offers excellent data visualizations.

  • Can deal with large data sets without slowing down.

  • Has powerful data analytics capabilities.

  • Automatically refresh data from web apps like Salesforce and Google Analytics.

  • Allows you to give external stakeholders (partners, clients, etc) secure access to analytics.

14. InetSoft

InetSoft is a data Mashup software that promises to empower all users with data insights to make better business decisions faster. It provides data analytics and dashboard reporting solutions.

At its core is a powerful data mashup engine that enables fast transformation of data from disparate sources.

The software makes it extremely easy to make and use dashboards and reports.

You simply drag elements to a dashboard to create great interactive visualization. With these, you can track KPIs and stay on top of performance.

InetSoft top features

  • Very easy to use.

  • End-to-end data mashup.

  • Easy to create interactive visualizations.

15. Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics advertises as a self-service business intelligence and analytics software that helps people create dashboards and analyze data.

It helps you connect and analyze data and create stunning visualizations to discover hidden insights.

The platform can connect and blend data from anywhere, including files and feeds, business apps, on-premise and cloud databases, and more.

It has advanced analytics capabilities, such as using AI to generate automated insights to augment your analysis. This can help you predict future trends, do what-if-analysis, etc.

Zoho Analytics has a simple drag-and-drop dashboard builder, which anyone can easily use to build insightful and interactive reports and dashboards.

The platform makes collaboration easy. It allows secured sharing of reports with fine-grained permissions, and teams can hold conversations around reports.

Zoho Analytics top features

  • Easy to create dashboards.

  • Offers a variety of visualization tools.

  • Augment your analysis with technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing.

  • Has 500+ integrations.

  • Offers collaborative analytics, allowing you to make collaboration part of your data analytics.

16. ClearPoint Strategy

ClearPoint Strategy advertises as “the only real-time strategy automation platform.” It is a strategy management software that promises to help you work smarter and move faster via AI-powered automation.

The software has AI tools that perform automated evaluations to convert data into insights quickly.

You can set real-time notifications and generate recommendations to solve problems.

ClearPoint can automate your business reporting.

The platform also makes dashboarding easy. You can create stunning dashboards to track any key performance indicator. It helps you align goals, metrics, and projects across your organization.

ClearPoint Strategy top features

  • Lets you align goals, KPIs, and projects.

  • Create stunning visualizations to track metrics.

  • Has powerful automation tools to build reports quickly.

17. Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense is a complete data visualization and analytics solution that helps you convert complex data into actionable business insights. It promises to help you move from passive to active analytics.

It delivers on this promise by combining a real-time data pipeline with power-packed analytics capabilities.

It lets you build beautiful dashboards with interactive elements. This helps you track your KPIs and stay on the pulse of your business.

You can also customize analytics solutions and develop custom apps and new visualizations.

Qlik is a mobile-first device. So you can create and explore analytics on any device, including mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

Qlik Sense top features

  • Provide advanced analytics with real-time engine-level data exchange.

  • Create and share powerful dashboards.

  • All dashboard elements are interactive.

  • Offers data-driven alerts, allowing you proactively monitor performance and take timely action based on insight.

  • A mobile-first solution, allowing you access analytics and dashboards on iOS and Android devices.

18. Ubiq

Ubiq is a web-based reporting tool for MySQL and PostgreSQL databases. It makes it easy to analyze business data by helping you create online dashboards and web-based reports in minutes.

It features a drag-and-drop interface for this.

Ubiq is a great KPI reporting tool thanks to its advanced reporting capabilities. You can export dashboards and reports in multiple formats and securely share them with others.

Dashboards update automatically to show you the latest information, so you wouldn’t need to change anything.

Ubiq top features

  • Supports local, remote, or cloud data.

  • Drag-and-drop interface for quickly building dashboards.

  • Easily customizable.

  • Real-time MySQL reporting.

19. Scoro

Scoro advertises as a work management software that helps agencies streamline projects, simplify quoting, automate billing, and optimize utilization.

It lets you visualize every aspect of your business on dashboards to keep track of your performance indicators in real-time.

Scoro integrates with 1,000+ apps, making it a single source of truth for your business. It can become the single solution you need for project management, resource planning, budgeting, invoicing, cost management, and reporting/ dashboarding.

Scoro top features

  • Track real-time progress in up-to-date project views.

  • Automate routine tasks.

  • Create customizable dashboards to track every KPI.

  • Offers security features allowing you to set permissions and limit access to information.

  • Integrates with 1,000+ apps.

20. InfoCaptor

InfoCaptor advertises as a product capable of addressing many BI dashboards, data visualization, and analytics needs. Examine data from different angles and get the “Aha moment.” That’s the promise of InfoCaptor.

InfoCaptor lives up to this as it is an easy business intelligence and dashboard reporting platform. You can create a BI dashboard for any database.

InfoCaptor provides a beautiful visual tool that lets you explore your data sets. You can build professional dashboards and visualize trends and patterns.

InfoCaptor top features

  • Easy to use.

  • Quickly build business and operational reports.

  • Visualize data from different databases.

21. Praxie

Praxie is a tool that makes it easy to track progress on strategic objectives across your organization and provide real-time reports on key initiatives.

Praxie gives you full control of your online collaborative dashboard. Its drag-and-drop interface helps you build customizable dashboards easily.

The platform holds a plethora of instant templates to help you create KPI dashboards so you can track the most important KPIs in your organization.

Praxie provides real-time online collaboration with your team, helping you create clarity around goals, roles, and responsibilities. This aligns your people with your goals and objectives.

Praxie top features

  • Easy to use.

  • Has tons of templates for creating KPI dashboards.

  • Uses a simple drag-and-drop interface for creating reports and dashboards.

  • A status summary feature lets you monitor real-time progress on your KPIs.

Choosing the ideal software solutions for KPI management in your business

The tools mentioned above make it onto this list of the best KPI software because of ticking many important boxes.

If you want to choose the best software solution for KPI management, you should consider the following:

Ease of use

Choose software that is easy to use. This ensures you will not have headaches when trying to understand and interact with the tool. You will be less motivated to use a tool that is not easy to use. A user-friendly platform also reduces support costs.

Range of features

Go for software that has a variety of features that are relevant to your business. The more features a KPI software has, the more functionality it gives users (that is, the more users can do with it).

The best tools will have a good range of features allowing you to perform a range of KPI management functions.

Integration capabilities

Choosing a software solution with integration capabilities is important because it allows the tool to connect with and pull data from other sources and systems.

Customization options

The ability to customize your software is an essential feature of KPI management tools. This allows you to tailor the KPI dashboards and reports to meet specific needs.


This examines whether the KPI tool is designed to evolve with your business. The best KPI software should be scalable, so you will not need software top-ups as your business grows.


No software is worth it if the cost of acquiring it is more than the value it’ll bring. Thus, while premium features attract top-dollar, the cost of the best KPI software should not be over the roof. Select software that aligns with your budget and also gives you value for your money.


This examines whether your data will be safe when using the software. Needless to say, no good KPI software will expose you to data breaches. Therefore, keep this in mind when selecting KPI management software for your business.

Takeaway: Manage your strategic objectives and key metrics with Kippy, the best software solution for KPI management

A KPI tool is one weapon that’ll help you achieve your strategic goals and objectives as it helps you track, analyze, and visualize your most important metrics in one place, allowing you to make faster and better business decisions.

There are many software solutions for KPI management, as listed above. But Kippy is miles ahead of them all, as it aces virtually all the KPI tool selection criteria.

Kippy’s ability to auto-generate accurate KPIs for your objectives makes it the alpha of KPI software.

With other tools, you may spend hundreds of precious management time and thousands of dollars to get the right KPIs for your objectives. But Kippy’s magic gives you actionable KPIs in seconds.

Kippy also effectively aligns objectives with everyone in the organization and provides interactive charts for visualizing performance.

It integrates with other tools. It is easy to use and scalable. Lastly, it guarantees data security and is budget-friendly.

Want to identify the right metrics for your strategic objectives and effectively track them so you can make informed decisions? Book a demo today and see how Kippy can help.



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