Align KPIs, projects and appraisals to company-wide objectives

Manage your strategy on the cloud, with security and governance built-in by default. Get started in minutes and go live in days.

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Kippy brings together

each team's KPIs, projects 

and employee appraisals,

to the same objectives,

joining approach and outcomes,

to a single strategy,

throughout your organisation!

Strategy, KPI, Project, Appraisal

Track your strategic objectives better

performance management ... made simple

Simple set up - On Cloud - Pay as you use

Quick-start Plan


$0 / month

Save 100% forever

All features

Guided Setup

Unlimited users, KPIs and Projects

Community support

up to 10 teams

Unlimited teams for non-profits

 and educational institutions.

Premium Plan


$/ month

Save 90% for 12 months

All features

Guided Setup

Unlimited users, KPIs and Projects

Live Chat and Email support 

Unlimited teams


Annual billing discount 1 month free.

Simple in-app upgrade.

Kippy aligns effort directly to strategy


​Kippy takes a holistic approach to integrity - with approval workflows, automated change freezes and user privileges - you control exactly what each user can see and change! 

Easy to use

Kippy simplifies decision-making. Start a Chat for every KPI update - or join Slack's ecosystem of Cloud collaboration tools. With the world's first voice-controlled Performance Management Virtual Assistant!


Kippy uses industry-leading encryption, monitoring & auditing at all levels. By the way, we will not share your data with anyone ... ever!

Now available in over 100 languages

Trusted by companies everywhere

Integrate to your tools and processes in minutes








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