Kippy allows you to manage everything and everyone by objectives.

So if you want to know how you organisation is performing, you can cascade the key strategy objectives to your departments, teams and sub-teams, etc. 

Everyone then reports how they are performing locally against the pre-agreed KPIs and targets mapped to those objectives. 

However, you can also use the same objectives to track how individual staff are doing against personal KPIs and Key Results.

So how does this work? 

A manager can easily add a dashboard (which is like a BSC scorecard but in kippy is called a 'Team') for each staff member, underneath his or her team. 

The manager suggests some personal goals for that staff member, allowing with targets. 

The staff member is then invited to add further KPIs and Key Results. These are sent to the manager for approval and goal setting. 

Once approved, the staff member is automatically reminded by kippy to regularly update their personal goals/KPIs/OKRs.

Once updated, they are sent to the manager to review, to ensure they are accurate, justified and evidenced. 

All these automatically feed into the staff members Employee Appraisal report and over arching HR appraisal report - ready for an end of year review - or an always live view of corporate performance of everyone (and everything) in your organisation. 

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