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How To Identify Key Talent?

Identifying key talent involves assessing an individual's skills, competencies, and potential to contribute to the organization's success. Here are some ways to identify key talent....

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Strategy execution for continuous improvement 

Every organization has a set of goals and objectives that it aims to achieve in order to be successful. In order to reach these goals, it is essential to have a clear strategy in place and to execute it effectively. One way to ensure ...

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3 key concepts of business success

When it comes to business success, there are three key concepts that are often discussed: Corporate performance management (CPM), Strategy execution, and HR appraisals. But what is the difference between these three concepts, and how do they work together to drive business success?

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Is a successful strategy execution simply a fairy tale?

As a business leader, having the right corporate strategy and well-defined top-level objectives, are very important. ​However, equally important, is being able to cascade your view down you organisation, to the people 'at the coalface' ....


How visible should your strategy be?

So you've got a great strategy and you know just how to execute it and cascade it across your organisation. However, there are some tricky question that still needs to be answered? - Who should be able to see your strategy? And who should not? ...

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Managing risk

Kippy makes it easy to manage all aspects of organisation risk, and how that relates to you corporate strategy. Kippy does this by allowing all your users to enter and track risk at Team, Project and Task level. All these risk items are then collated in to a single company-wide Risk report ....

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Personal goals and self-appraisals

You have probably heard old adages like "“If You Fail to Plan, You Are Planning to Fail” .... or the slightly catchier, "Fail to prepare, prepare to fail". Well, setting personal goals and introspection can definitely help. As well as the obvious benefits of having a longer-term vision for career progression - they can also help with ....

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The 9-Box Grid

Kippy's Employee Rating report tabulates the performance of all your staff by KPI and Project performance, appraisals and feedback. Employees are ordered by overall rating and grouped by pre-configured thresholds. Using the 9-Box grid microapp, you can also organise staff by ....

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Express Check in 

Applications that focus on letting all the users do everything at any time, usually end up making it difficult, for a particular user, do the most important thing they do, most of the time.... 


Microapps to simplify your journeys

Most applications try to do everything for everyone and that can lead to a very bloated and intimidating user interface and experience.    Kippy takes a unique approach. . . .

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Functions, adapters and integrations

Kippy was born on the Cloud! And if you're wondering what that really means then you're in for a treat. Traditionally, applications and systems would . . . .

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MBOs, KPIs and OKRs? Wow!

Kippy allows you to manage everything and everyone by objectives. So if you want to know how you organisation is performing, you can cascade . . . .


Putting KPI Theory Into Practice

There are many possible KPIs for every business objective and management should carefully consider topics that executives need to discuss, e.g., profitability or productivity. . . .


Setting The Right KPIs

It is fairly easy to find suitable financial KPIs for an organization, such as a measure of total revenue. But defining KPIs is less straightforward when applied to more subjective or vague areas of a business, such as customer satisfaction or employee development . . .


Target Setting and Motivating Employees

A well-designed strategic plan relies on establishing targets that are designed to stretch and push an organization forward in meeting its objectives. . .

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Which Type of KPI is the Best

There are many types of KPI. It is important to keep a balanced perspective by selecting KPIs that cover the breadth and indicate the health of an organization. For example, when a doctor sees a new patient, they will conduct a series of measurements, such as blood pressure, height and weight...


Comparison of Strategy Management Methodologies

The best strategy management methodologies like Balanced Scorecards (BSC), Objectives Key Results (OKR), Management by Objectives (MBO), and Objective-Goals-Strategies-Measures (OGSM) have many similarities...


Strategy and Performance Management Training

To help you make a success of your performance management implementation, we hold regular training sessions on how best to track your strategy and how to model that in kippy...


Strategy Management Common Weaknesses

Over the past few decades, many new strategic management methods were introduced to help organizations improve their performance and competitive advantage in the market place...


Six Common Strategy Development Techniques

Organizations are somewhat unclear about how they go about selecting techniques to develop their strategies. Some managers rely on what their consultants say. Others default to methods they have successfully applied in the past...


Performance Management in “new” Public Sector!

In public sector, there has also been a worldwide interest in the models of so-called “New Managerialism” and “New Public Sector Management”. These models are based on a fundamental concept that public sector organizations can borrow many of the management strategies from the private sector...


Target Setting Purpose, Criteria, and Common Weaknesses

A well-designed strategic plan requires establishing of targets that are designed to stretch and push the organization forward in meeting its strategic objectives. One common place to start in setting a target is to look at past performance and current baselines... 


Typical Benefits and Difficulties in Developing KPIs

Many companies are rediscovering the criticality of measurement as an important management tool. "You simply can't manage anything you can't measure," says Richard Quinn, vice president of quality at the Sears Merchandising Group...


Performance Reports Puts Communication to Work

Performance reporting is where organization begins to put the communication to work. Performance reporting provides insight into how well the organization is doing in executing the strategy usually laid out on the strategy map...


If You Wish To Debate With Me, Define Your Terms

Fuzzy strategic objective is a common issue that has to be addressed at early stage. "If you wish to debate with me, define your terms." Aristotle's advice is equally valid for managing organizations. Translating strategy to operation requires clarity and specifics...


The Art of KPI Selections

Perhaps it is fairly easy to find suitable financial KPIs for an organization, but this task is not that easy when applied to more subjective or vague areas (i.e. customer feedback, people development, and internal processes). To make KPI selection more systematic, it is recommended first to have a flexible and creative mindset when developing KPIs...


Leadership, Ownership and Responsibility in Strategic Plan Implementation

If an organization is expecting to execute strategy well, it must drive behavioral changes within the organization. Building a strong team of leaders to communicate and champion the strategic plan is essential. This issue could be one of the most challenging tasks...

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How to get started on kippy?

In this post, I will try to provide a quick and simple explanation on how to get set up and productive on kippy as soon as possible...

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Web API integration (with Sharepoint)

In this post, I will provide some detail on using the kippy web APIs, with the example of a recent kippy and Sharepoint integration...

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Registering with Slack for more login flexibility and collaboration

In this post, I will explain why you may want to register with Slack and the additional features and opportunities this brings. Firstly...

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Understanding the kippy methodology

In this post, I will explain how best to model your strategy in kippy and the benefits of aligning to the kippy methodology...

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Driving your presentations with your voice

Kippy provides always always ready dashboards to present the current position of your organisation. To help drive the presentation...

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Using your Google login and Google GSuite account

Instead of remembering a username and password for kippy, you can register and then login to kippy using your Google login...

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Automate your business processes with kippy and

You probably have many internal business processes that need to be triggered when something happens e.g. an email arriving, a new calendar...


Installing kippy on your smart phone

Kippy works just as well on your smart phone as it does on your desktop browser. You can use kippy in Portrait mode...

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Focus your appraisals on corporate objectives

The following short video highlights the need for focusing appraisals on corporate objectives. So if the next question you have is how...


System to system updates 

If you want to update kippy with actuals in other systems, you can create system to integrations to securely push values into kippy. 

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10-Step Process for a Strategy-centric Business

One common theme we have noticed amongst some of the companies and organisations we work with is how they cascade their top-down strategy to their teams and then track execution for continuous improvement. 


Strategy execution roadmap

Looking for a step-by-step path to easily introduce strategy and performance management to your organisation

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Your kippy instance really means your kippy instance

Are you doing workarounds in your business processes to fit a shared performance management product that is a "jack of all trades"? Are you waiting months for your feature requests to be prioritised and deployed...

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